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Family Court

1. Uncontested Divorce:

All issues in the case have been agreed to by the parties regarding division of marital assets, assignment of debts, medical and dental coverage, children issues, and alimony.

2. Contested Divorce:

A case in which one or more issues cannot be resolved without the Court’s intervention and may require a trial.

3. Custody:

Parents are trying to obtain a court order that the child/children reside with them.

4. Joint/Sole Custody:

Issues involving the decision-making part of being a parent. Joint custody meaning both parents have an equal say in making the major decisions regarding their child/children including, but not limited to medical, educational, and religious decisions. Sole custody means only one parent makes the major decisions regarding their child/children.

5. Visitation Rights/Parenting Time:

A case involving the right of a non-physical custodial parent’s right to visit with their child/children. Petitions to establish a parent’s visitation rights/ parenting time to their child/children. Contempt issues regarding the denial of one parent’s visitation time by the other parent. Modification/changing of the visitation schedule for numerous reasons. Motions to attempt to deny visitation for various reasons.

6. Child Support:

Filing a petition to establish a child support order. Contempt motions to enforce a child support order. Motions to modify/change a child support order for various reasons. Motions to terminate a child support order for various reasons.

7. Uncontested Adoptions:

Both biological parents agree/consent to the adoption taking place without the necessity of a trial.

8. Contested Adoptions:

One or both biological parents do not agree to the adoption taking place and a trial is needed to terminate the biological parents’ rights to the child/children.

9. Miscellaneous Petitions:

Cases where the parents have never been married and there are no Family Court orders specifying the parents’ rights and obligations to their minor child/children. The Miscellaneous Petition establishes the parental rights and obligations to the minor child/children.

10. Relocation Cases:

Issues involving a parent seeking to permanently leave the state of Rhode Island with the child/children. The law firm provides representation for parents attempting to leave Rhode Island and it also provides representation to those parents who attempt to prevent the other parent from permanently leaving Rhode Island with the child/children. Representation is provided for all issues arising under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act and Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act.

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11. Paternity:

Cases involving whether or not a party is the actual biological parent of the child/children in question. The law firm represents clients who are trying to establish the paternity of the other parent. The law firm also provides representation to those parties defending against a paternity action that has been filed against them.

12. Grandparents Visitation Rights:

Legal matters involving grandparents who have been denied the right to visit their grandchild/grandchildren. The firm also represents biological parents who are opposed to having the grandparents visit with their children.

13. Restraining Orders:

Representation of clients attempting to obtain no contact orders against other family members or significant others with whom they have been involved in a romantic relationship. The firm also represents those individuals who contest the restraining orders and are attempting to have them dismissed by the Family Court.

14. Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs):

Cases involving the entry of and enforcement of orders awarding a former spouse a share of another spouse’s pension/retirement plan.

15. Post Final Judgment of Divorce Actions:

Any issues arising after the entry of the Final Judgment of Divorce between the parties.

16. Alimony:

Cases in which one spouse seeks financial support for himself/herself from the other party. The firm represents parties who seek an award of alimony and parties who oppose any request for alimony from the Family Court.

17. Property Settlement Agreements:

The firm drafts binding written contracts between the two spouses during their divorce case. Representation of clients is also provided to those who seek to enforce the terms of the written contract. The firm also represents those parties who attempt to prevent the enforcement of specific terms and provisions contained within the Property Settlement Agreement.

18. Prenuptial Agreements:

The firm drafts binding written contracts between parties who will be getting married to protect each party in the event that a divorce action is later filed. The Prenuptial Agreement generally deals with specifying what assets are not to be considered marital property in the event of divorce, the assignment of debts to particular parties to avoid claims for contribution toward alleged joint marital debt, and possibly even the waiver (giving-up) of alimony (spousal support), in the event of divorce.

19. Juvenile Proceedings:

Matters involving the representation of minors who have committed crimes in the state of Rhode Island.

20. DCYF Proceedings:

Issues involving cases brought against parents by the Department of Children Youth and Families (DCYF). These cases generally charge the parents with neglect or abuse of their children. The firm also provides representation for Dependency cases where DCYF provides services for a child due to that child’s special needs which cannot be addressed by the parents. Parents who are facing having their parental rights to their child/children terminated by DCYF are also represented by the firm.

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Wills and Trusts

The firm drafts simple wills and wills with trusts for its clients. Simple trusts are also drafted.


Cases where a decedent’s estate must follow the proper procedures in the various Probate Courts throughout Rhode Island, in order to pay off the expenses of the decedent and distribute the assets to the heirs. The firm also represents people who are attempting to become the guardians of either adults or children who need assistance with decisions such as medical treatment, financial matters, and educational decisions. People attempting to adopt an adult person are also represented by the firm.


Representation of adults charged with criminal misdemeanors pending before the District Court of Rhode Island. The firm also files motions to expunge the criminal records of those people who have been convicted of committing crimes in the District Court and Superior Court.

Personal Injury

The firm represents people who have been injured as a result of the negligent acts of other parties such as motor vehicle accidents and slip and fall cases.

Civil Actions

Any legal issues involving a non-criminal matter and traffic violations in the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal.

Landlord and Tenant

Drafting of lease agreements for landlords. Representation of landlords attempting to evict tenants for nonpayment of rent and breaking lease provisions. The firm also provides representation to tenants who are opposing evictions based upon nonpayment of rent and alleged breaking of the lease provisions.

Employment Law

The firm represents employees who are subject to collective bargaining agreements in labor arbitration matters. Former employees who have been denied their unemployment compensation benefits are also represented by the firm.

Corporate Law

The firm assists clients who desire to establish businesses. Representation of clients to form their business entities such as partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies. The firm drafts various documents such as partnership agreements, articles of incorporation, articles of organization, operational agreements, and meeting minutes. Business entity existence is maintained by the drafting of annual reports and other documents.

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